Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coachella Crush

Along with the other hundreds and something of people, the one place I would have rather been this last weekend was (take a wild guess)... COACHELLA!! One of the first Festivals to kick off the festival season, and probably the coolest one of all, I would have done anything to attend. But in reality that just wasn't going to happen, so I resorted to Twitter and the gossip blogs to get my dose of Coachella Festival style. I spent my weekend refreshing my Twitter feed waiting for anything #Coachella to pop up(which really didn't help my jealousy levels at all), mainly to try and find what the young, hot 20 something's were wearing this year, and who did it better than anyone else this time.. yes, Kate Bosworth!
Kate hit the nail right on the head this year with her effortless festival style, but when you think about it we wouldn't expect anything more or less from her. 
Hunter Wellies, Military Jacket combined with Boho chiqueness, the classic Festival Style but Kate manages to make it her own and ultra cool all at the same time. My favrouite look by far over the weekend has to be the animal print top paired with simple black embellished shorts, not to forget the super cute Mulberry Bag she wore to the Mulberry Firepit Party. 
I know i'll be using Miss Bosworth as my festival inspiration this year :).

For the meanwhile, here are some of my other Coachella style winners.

Analeigh Tipton

Zanna Roberts Rassi

Jamie Chung

Lilly, Karlie, Cara


Emma xx

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  1. Coachella style is something else! Love all the laid back outfits :)