Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cockle Shell Barbie

This last September I was faced with what I can only describe as a 'mid life crisis'... UNIVERSITY! I know it may sound a little dramatic, but I think everyone has at least one moment in their life where they've described it as such a crisis!
I always thought Uni was what I definitely wanted to do after completing my Art Foundation, and successfully got into my first choice at The University of Salford to study Fashion Styling and Image Making. I was beyond excited at the thought of studying this amazing course, so excited that I blanked out the reality of University, moving away from home and moving to the city. I absolutely LOVE Manchester, but you could not find a bigger contrast moving there from living in a little village in North Wales! I had never felt so claustrophobic living in my little uni room in the middle of Salford/Manchester where all I could see out through my window was miles and miles of buildings where as at home i'm used to looking out to miles and miles of beach and sea! I then realised how much I took that view for granted!
I was then faced with the most difficult decision of my life.. Stick it out being a student or to come home and re-think my future? I shortly realised that University and being stuck in a city really wasn't for me, and there was no point staying there if I was going to be depressed everyday trying to please other people!

(Sorry for that little ramble) But the main reason for this post was so I could show you the first piece of work I did during my very short stay at Uni. So this first project was a sort of 'ice braker' project for our first week at Uni, a way of introducing ourselves to each other by producing a doll showing where we come from. So I went along with the boho chique/beach babe of a barbie! Its a simple outfit but my favrouite and most fun item is the shell embelished, high waisted skirt I made for her with hand picked shells.
Maybe this could be the new fashion statement in Barbie world?

Friday, 18 November 2011


So after weeks and weeks of putting this whole thing off, simply because when I first signed into blogspot and started to edit i found myself staring at the screen totally lost not knowing what I was supposed to be doing/clicking, so I finally decided to give it a good go and see what happens, so i'm going to apologise now if my first posts aren't that imaginative or inspiring! But I'm hoping that others of you were in the same situation as me in the beginning and that after a few posts I will hopefully get the hang of it, so please bare with me.
Once I get into the swing of things, I hope to blog about any bits of Fashion that have interested me, Lifestyle and any other bits and bobs that spring out of my head!

Emma x