Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cockle Shell Barbie

This last September I was faced with what I can only describe as a 'mid life crisis'... UNIVERSITY! I know it may sound a little dramatic, but I think everyone has at least one moment in their life where they've described it as such a crisis!
I always thought Uni was what I definitely wanted to do after completing my Art Foundation, and successfully got into my first choice at The University of Salford to study Fashion Styling and Image Making. I was beyond excited at the thought of studying this amazing course, so excited that I blanked out the reality of University, moving away from home and moving to the city. I absolutely LOVE Manchester, but you could not find a bigger contrast moving there from living in a little village in North Wales! I had never felt so claustrophobic living in my little uni room in the middle of Salford/Manchester where all I could see out through my window was miles and miles of buildings where as at home i'm used to looking out to miles and miles of beach and sea! I then realised how much I took that view for granted!
I was then faced with the most difficult decision of my life.. Stick it out being a student or to come home and re-think my future? I shortly realised that University and being stuck in a city really wasn't for me, and there was no point staying there if I was going to be depressed everyday trying to please other people!

(Sorry for that little ramble) But the main reason for this post was so I could show you the first piece of work I did during my very short stay at Uni. So this first project was a sort of 'ice braker' project for our first week at Uni, a way of introducing ourselves to each other by producing a doll showing where we come from. So I went along with the boho chique/beach babe of a barbie! Its a simple outfit but my favrouite and most fun item is the shell embelished, high waisted skirt I made for her with hand picked shells.
Maybe this could be the new fashion statement in Barbie world?